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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Here in the United States we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, commemorating the work of one of the greatest Civil Rights Activists in history.

TED has posted the following page complete with his “I Have A Dream” speech.

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Project Gutenberg

Are you looking for something different to read?  Maybe a classic that you remember from school or have been meaning to read?  Want something that is not going to cost you any money?

Well, Project Gutenberg can help.

Project Gutenberg aims to digitize books where the copyrights have expired here in the United States, providing these digitized versions to the Internet community.  Shakespeare, Homer, Doyle, Twain and Carroll are all there.  Read the original versions of Sherlock Holmes, Peter Pan and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

They are all there and ready to be downloaded to your computer or portable device.

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EPUB on the iPhone

I have a couple of EPUB books that I am doing reviews on for this site.  The problem was, I am not always at my computer, but still want to have access to the book. After searching the Internet, I found out that I already had part of the equation on my iPhone and just needed to load a desktop app on my laptop.

I had loaded Stanza about a year ago to read free ebooks from Project Gutenberg.  What I did not realize was the flexibility that this program offered.  It can allow you to read all sorts of documents on the iPhone.  And while I realized that you could use the app to download paid and free books, I did not realize that they had a desktop app that would allow you to transfer your own documents to Stanza on the iPhone.  I am sure there are a number of you about to point out that this has been there for a while, but I had never taken the time to go to their website, mostly because I never had a need until today.

So, over at their website, I downloaded the app onto my Windows 7 laptop.  The installation was straightforward, mostly just a number of clicks on Next.  The app and Apple Bonjour load, which must be for sharing purposes.

Once the app was loaded, I started it up, clicked on the File menu and opened one of my EPUB books.  The book came up on the desktop.  I then went to the Tools menu and clicked on Enable Sharing.  That was all I needed to do on the desktop side.

Over on the iPhone, I opened the Stanza app, tapped on Get Books and then chose Shared on the top of the screen.  Under the Computers Sharing Books, my computer showed up.  I tapped on my computer name and then on the book I wanted to download.  The book opened and downloaded to my iPhone.

The controls in Stanza are straightforward when viewing a book.  Tap on the left to go back, the right to go forward and the middle for other controls to use for viewing the book.

This is going to save me a lot of time, as I have a number of ebooks that I would like to place on my iPhone but did not realize I already had a tool for doing so.

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