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Bing Destination Maps

While the big news from Bing is that Bing Maps is no longer in beta, what I was more impressed with was their new feature called Destination Maps.  I always dreaded putting a map into a document/web page/invitation that came from Google Maps, Yahoo Maps or Mapquest.  To me the maps were always cold and impersonal.  That was until today.

Destination Maps from Bing allows you to create a map that looks like it was written on the back of a napkin, making it more personal and warm in my opinion.

Here is an example of using Destination Maps to create a personalized map for the Whitehouse.


First go to  Choose Map Apps from the left hand pane:


Click on Destination Maps and enter in the address you want to search for in the Search box and click on Search.  This will bring up a normal Bing map showing your selected location.


Click on Continue to choose that location.  You will now be asked to choose the area of interest that you want the map made from.  Using the slider arrows on the four sides of the box to choose the area that you want a map created from.  When you are done, click on Continue.


Here Destination Maps will allow you to choose a name for your map.  In this example, I decided on “The Whitehouse”.  Click on Continue once you have named your map.


The personalized map will now be generated.  You are entertained with an animated “Loading” during the process which is a nice touch.



From here you can choose four different style, save/print (three sizes, PDF or JPEG), or share on the web for others to access.

I can now attach a map that is more personalized and not some boring perfectly drawn map.

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