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iPhone OS 4.0

Supposedly at the January 27 Apple event, they will be announcing a new version of the iPhone OS.  I have seen a number of articles on the web about what should be part of the next version.  While I have been happy with my iPhone 3G and the latest version of the OS,  there are potential areas for improvement.

1.  Background Processes

I know what the thought was for not allowing this, but I have to say, it is irritating to be listening to XM Radio or Pandora, get a text message or email notification and have to stop listening in order to check.  These types of applications to me are obvious choices for allowing background processing.  Maybe Apple can have another option on the submission form where an application can apply for background processing exception and Apple can still have the final say.

2. Weather

Come on Apple, just sign an agreement with the Weather Channel or Accuweather and get rid of the horrendous weather application that no one  uses.

3. 10MB Download Limit

Let me decide if I want to wait an extended time to download a file greater than 10MB.  There are times I will be at work and want to listen to a podcast that gets posted in the morning, but guess what it is over 10MB, so either I find a Starbucks and use their WIFI or I wait.

4. Shared Data Space

There has to be a way to share data space for documents and other files on the iPhone.  I would like to be able to download a file in email and use Mariner Calc to view the spreadsheet, or allow me to download new music from Amazon and use it in the iPod application.

5. Flash

While not high on my list, it would be nice to use Flash applications on the iPhone.   Apple and Adobe need to kiss and make up.

I realize that a lot of limitations within the iPhone OS are to keep the user experience at a certain level, but there are a number of users like myself that will accept that things may not necessarily be the “Apple” preferred experience.  Let me decide how to use the phone, otherwise my next phone may just be an Android.

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