EPUB on the iPhone

I have a couple of EPUB books that I am doing reviews on for this site.  The problem was, I am not always at my computer, but still want to have access to the book. After searching the Internet, I found out that I already had part of the equation on my iPhone and just needed to load a desktop app on my laptop.

I had loaded Stanza about a year ago to read free ebooks from Project Gutenberg.  What I did not realize was the flexibility that this program offered.  It can allow you to read all sorts of documents on the iPhone.  And while I realized that you could use the app to download paid and free books, I did not realize that they had a desktop app that would allow you to transfer your own documents to Stanza on the iPhone.  I am sure there are a number of you about to point out that this has been there for a while, but I had never taken the time to go to their website, mostly because I never had a need until today.

So, over at their website, I downloaded the app onto my Windows 7 laptop.  The installation was straightforward, mostly just a number of clicks on Next.  The app and Apple Bonjour load, which must be for sharing purposes.

Once the app was loaded, I started it up, clicked on the File menu and opened one of my EPUB books.  The book came up on the desktop.  I then went to the Tools menu and clicked on Enable Sharing.  That was all I needed to do on the desktop side.

Over on the iPhone, I opened the Stanza app, tapped on Get Books and then chose Shared on the top of the screen.  Under the Computers Sharing Books, my computer showed up.  I tapped on my computer name and then on the book I wanted to download.  The book opened and downloaded to my iPhone.

The controls in Stanza are straightforward when viewing a book.  Tap on the left to go back, the right to go forward and the middle for other controls to use for viewing the book.

This is going to save me a lot of time, as I have a number of ebooks that I would like to place on my iPhone but did not realize I already had a tool for doing so.

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