Web for the Average Joe?

Tonight my brother and his girlfriend stopped by the house for a visit.  While he was there, he asked if there was a site where he and his graduate school colleagues could edit and share documents.  Now my brother is computer literate and knows how to surf the web, download stuff and work his computer, but not necessarily up on everything going on in the cyberspace.

Where does the average person go to find out about services on the web?  It started me thinking.  I am not sure.  For those of us in the “know” we usually have read about it on a tech blog or have seen a Tweet on Twitter.  But for people like my brother, these two things do not happen.  Usually what happens is a conversation like tonight where they ask someone with the knowledge and I go, well that is easy you can either use Zoho Docs or Google Docs, and proceed to give a quick 15 minute demo.  So, I thought, maybe I will put a website together that shows people these things, but again, how do you advertise that is out there?

So, I am trying to find a way to publicize to the average computer user about services like Google Docs.  Something where they can go to a website, take a look and go, yep that will work for me.

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