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Apple Watch

About two months ago, I finally broke down and bought myself an Apple Watch. Okay, my wife finally got sick and tired of me talking about it and told me to just purchase one.

I bought the 38mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band, starting at the lowest price point in case it was something in 6 months to a year I no longer wanted to use. After using it for the last two months, I have not found myself wanting to be a day without it. In fact the only times I do not wear it is when I am sleeping, bathing or when I was coaching volleyball.

So, what do I like about the Apple Watch?

In the few months that I have been wearing the watch, I found that there are three main features/functions that make me coming back to the watch day after day.

  1. Time Piece
  2. Notifications
  3. Health and Fitness

Time Piece

First and foremost, this is a watch. Yep, I just put the Apple Watch in the same category as an expensive Rolex and those cheap plastic watches you see at your discount retailers. This is not a knock on the Apple Watch, it just shows that telling time on your wrist is still a valuable function.

I had not worn a wrist watch in about 20 years, having relied on technology other than a watch for telling the time. What I did not realize was how much more convenient it was to have that time telling ability on your wrist. Now, I would not have bought the Apple Watch just for telling time, but this feature (as simple as it is) along with the other two features have made the Apple Watch a go to device for me.


This was an area that took me a while to appreciate and lot of that was due to the fact that I had to change my behavior around knowing information and the presentation of that information. I had grown accustomed to either a vibration, sound or both coming from my phone to alert me that something needed or wanted my attention. I never realized, but there is a whole production to pulling the phone out, looking at the screen and then usually unlocking the phone to get more information about the notification.

The Watch changed this. Now the notification came as a vibration on the wrist, a quick glance and if warranted a pulling out of the phone. Initially there was almost a 1 to 1 relationship between the notification and pulling out the phone to check on it and get more information. However, as the time has gone on, I find that I pull the phone out a lot less. I can glean from the notification on the screen the importance and make a decision whether it needs action now, later or never.

This has also forced me to go through my notifications and make an intelligent decision around whether I need to know about it or not. I get notifications now from the following items, each heavily customized.

  • Mail Notifications from Outlook’s Focused Inbox
  • Mail Notifications from Good (work email) for favorites (my staff and management)
  • Calendar Notifications from Calendar and Good
  • Phone Calls and Voice Mail
  • Fitbit (more on this later)
  • Sports (I have to know when my favorite teams have won)
  • Text Messages

This may seem like a lot of notifications, but because I have taken the time to tweak each application, it is sometimes no notifications an hour and at other times (like something is broke at work) multiple notifications.

However, there is no time spent taking the phone out, reading the screen and unlocking the phone. I see the message and make a decision right there about its disposition and since the phone is a process now that is foreign, it usually means dismissing or deleting the notification unless I find it to be critical.

Health and Fitness

This was an area of functionality on the Apple Watch that was one of the original reasons I even considered wearing one. I have been a Fitbit Zip user (and still am) for about the last two years. Tracking my steps was always a game for me, but I wanted something more. I wanted more data, I wanted to know more about my habits.

This is where the Apple Watch has pushed me to be more active. With the Fitbit, it was a simple metric of steps. Did I get my goal of 11K steps today. Nothing really more to it. I know I could have gotten fitness bands that did more, but I wanted something different if I was going to change.

The Apple Watch is this difference. It is now a game to see if I can earn the achievements, track exercises (walks/runs), monitor my heart rate and overall see this data holistically. I am now more concerned with the quality of my walks (increased heart rate), than about the length (steps). This over time will lead to me keeping more fit and helping me understand my body better.

As I mentioned above, I still have the Fitbit and wear it each day. This may seem insane to most and even I have questioned the validity of doing this. I have a simple reason and something not quite fixed by the Watch and maybe something that never is. I use the Fitbit for the awesome and simple social interactions that it allows me. There are 10 of us in a group and the goal is to see who can out step each other each week. It is a simple game, but it keeps all of us engaged in exercising and we want to one up each other. This is lacking on the Watch and since the Watch is a starting price point of $349 and the Fitbit is $60, this will always be a challenge. It is easy to justify $60 to track steps and compete against friends.


Overall, I am surprised at my adoption of the Apple Watch. I keep waiting for myself to get sick of wearing the Watch, but each day I wake up and look forward to putting it on my wrist and going out into the world. It has made me less neurotic about my phone as I rely on the notifications and time on my wrist instead of reaching for the phone, which usually leads to a distraction to some application or email other than what originally the intention was for.

So, here I am, a happy Apple Watch wearing fool.

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